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Planning your website design, research and development help

It depends on your goal?

We need to first ask the question:

  • What is your website for?
  • Is to increase sales and attract new customers?
  • Is it to provide information for your existing customers?
  • Is to improve on a current service you offer, maybe online ordering?
  • Is to update an old outdated website from last year?
  • Or is all of the above?

 Once we are armed with this information we can start to put together a plan for your ongoing website design.

Why do we say ongoing?

This has been an issue with many people having websites developed, they have their website designed, pay the bill and think they are all done..! WRONG

A website is NEVER finished, it is an ongoing project that needs permanent attention, updates and fresh content to give it any chance of being successful for you.

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Express Design Service?

We live in an age now where people can't wait for things, so we decided that with having 28 years experience in building websites, more than anyone else in the UK, and our knowledge of working with thousands of clients we need to offer as service that gives us a further edge over our own competitors.

So yes once we have all the information and we have agreed on a principle design theme, our team can get the first draft of your website completed in 24hrs ready for your review and to make any necessary changes.

We realise also that in this digital age, updates and new products and services for your business need to get to market fast so we want to be able to deliver that rapid service for you, througout our working relationship.

Webdesign monthly payment plans for hospitality venues

Flexible payment options

We understand what we have all been through recently and now financially for the economy on a whole things are looking pretty grim.

So we had to come up with a payment plan that works for you without any pressure and allows you to continue to grow and expand your business while giving you the flexibility to switch it off at any time.

Also because a website is an ongoing project that is never finished, so we look after your website for you each month so you can keep your focus on what you do best, which is running your business.

Think of us as an extension to your own staff..

WIth our affordable monthly payment plans you can cancel at anytime with no notice required, and no we don't switch you off, you website remains in place and working as it should.

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A full Package Service

We have designed our payment plans so that you can pick and choose all the elements that you want, plus you can also choose to add/remove plugins,addons and other features further down the line to expand your site.

Full details are in the payment plans and you can build up whats best for you and your business, however for the basic requirements you get.

  • Your website designed by our professional team of developers and graphic designers.
  • You website hosted on our own fast servers.
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Your own choice of domain name
  • Monthly statistics
  • On going maintenance for updates to your website
  • Lots of additional addons and software to use for your business
  • Direct email/telephone support
  • SEO & Internet marketing to promote your business*

* this is another historic failing by many people, they have a website designed and then presume that people will just find it and they will get new business...! WRONG
Once we have completed your website we will do SEO and promotion and can also do social media marketing to tell the world about your website

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We exist from before web pages?

We have a very long history that I shall try and compress a little...

So we started in 1994 and purchased our 1st office on Richmond Terrace in blackburn and set up as charter International Ltd, we were the very 1st dedicated webdesigb company in the UK and it was a least another 5 years before most people even began to take notice of what the internet was, never mind have a website...! we then changed names to CIC, and moved back to Darwen, then to Webdesign & Ecommerce LTD and on to 24hrs Ltd

I quote the sales director at Thomas Cook Travel said to me when I asked if we could design their website " it will never take off"...! you can draw your own conclusions on that but needless to say we did their SEO for many years with Gold Medal Travel PLC.

So over the years we have designed thousands of websites and you can see some of our main clients on our company global website at

We work and specialise now in several industry sectors, globally as well and we have recently decided to separate each sector with ts own webdesign site, to promote more local business and use our wealth of experience to help local businesses and give them an affordable option to compete online with the big players.

So was setup to promote webdesign in our local area of Darwen in lancashire, and this will be managed by my daughter Corrinne Thompson, and while we can design websites for any business we have a background an experience in hospitality from managing to local pubs so it was an area of interest for us... and we live here... :) Paul Thompson - Managing Director

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Making your first order with us

  1. It's quite simple really, you can view the monthly plans on our website and place your order online and we will be in touch same day to discuss your details.
  2. Or you can email and we can come and visit you if you wish to discuss options
  3. You can call us directly right now on 07885726819
How to choose a webdesigner to do your next website design and Search Engine Optimisation

How can we check out a company?

We want to be transparent about us, our background and who we are, so we wanted to give people a few tips on how to check out companies and do their own research. Yes we made mistakes, but when your leading the way, this is bound to happen, it's how you learn from those mistakes that makes you what you are today.

 So you need to ASK, have they been around a while and established?
What experience do they have? Many new designers learn how to use something like Worpress and think this makes them a webdesigner, ( we call them assemblers ). When we started our websites 28 yrs ago, they were designed with raw HTML coding using Windows Notepad - no Software, So beware of people who profess they have skills but are limited to using templates and Wordpress or other webdesign companies to do the work for them or you could run into issues when things are broken with their limited knowledge.
Where will they host your site? do they have their own server that they manage, this will say a lot about them, we manage our own dedicated servers.

  1.  Are they a ltd company? you can do a search for them on the companies house website and this will also tell you when that company was established and who the directors are.
    So we are now 24hrs Ltd, prior to that we were several names dating back to 2004 of companies which we dissolved or changed names as things with the internet moved on so quickly, so we have stuck with 24hrs now as it best describes our service
  2. Do a "whois"  lookup on the companies domain name, this will tell you when it was registered, so was only done recently as we started doing local promotion, but if you check our main websites such as or you will see they are from the 90's...!
  3. The "Waybackmachine" will show you snapshots of their websites going back in time. This is a fantastic tool, why not try looking back on our website ( so yes it embarassing when we look back now lol - I assure you we have improved) - they were very early days and we were learning and leading the way in webdesign and SEO so everything was new, but we have nothing to hide and you can see now we have a very impressive portfolio.
  4. Google everything, search domain names, search names on LinkedIn and Facebook then all this and the above will help you to build up a picture of just how long someone has been around and their background and experience.

"REMEMBER: most websites are designed to someone elses taste and may not reflect your own"

How to choose a webdesigner to do your next website design and Search Engine Optimisation

Pubs - Bars - Restaurants - Take Aways

We have developed some software for ordering drinks and food in your venue or as a take away, plus a table reservation system and your welcome to give it a try, this can be an addition to your website for a small monthly fee and we dont take any commisson on sales.

We believe that everyone who lives local in town will know the name of the their favourite restaurant, so why go to website like Just Eat or Uber eats where the venue owner then has to pay a big commission when they can just order off your own website and everyone wins......

Give it a try and we can then list you on our very own local hospitality website at


View our demonstration table reservation application that allows your visitors to choose which table they would like and the exact location of the table in your venue. Once you have chosen your table you can then select to view the menu.

View our demonstration sample menus which are used in our Table 1 software that allows your visitors to order and pay at their table.